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Laundry service for corporate clients

Triton provides laundry services for corporate clients. We offer standart washing program. It includes usage of high quality detergents from leading producers ('myth' type) and neutral smell conditioners and removal of spots of any level of complexity. Starching os optional.

We aimed to have mutially beneficial cooperation and offer three volume/price laundry service options to our business partners.

Corporate clients laundry service options

Calculations are based on 10 days volume turnover.

Option 1


Applicable for small volumes batches. This option includes five propositions for volumes from 10-70 kg with different discounts. Service includes washing and ironing without limitations on item type and fabric.

Volume Price terms
1 up to 10 kg Standard program pricing
2 up to 20 kg 10% discount from standard program
3 up to 30 kg 15% discount from standard program
4 up to 50 kg 25% discount from standard program
5 up to 70 kg 45% discount from standart for direct and terry linen, sintepon clothes, quilted jacket,curtains, tulle – 25% discount, other – 30% discount

Option 2


Applicable for 70-150 kg of laundry volume. Items should be separated by types. Each type has it fixed price per kg or item. Some items can be proceeded without ironing. It is possible to order laundry without ironing for particular items.

Type Price, rub
6.1 Direct lining washing, kg 39,00
6.2 Direct lining washing with starch, kg 44,00
6.3 Terry lining washing, kg 39,00
6.4 Medical uniform washing & ironing, kg 85,00
6.5 Smock/work robe washing, pcs 90,00
6.6 Smock/work robe washing without ironing, pcs 60,00
6.7 Thin work uniform washing, kg 85,00
6.8 Thin heavilly contaminated work uniform washing, kg 95,00
6.9 Thin work uniform washing without ironing, kg 65,00
6.10 Work uniform with sintepon (batting) washing, pcs 335,00
6.11 Quilted jacket, pcs 480,00
6.12 Curtains, tulle washing, 3 kg/6 kg 292,00 / 480,00
6.13 Curtains, tulle washing without ironing, 3 kg/6 kg 217,00 / 360,00

Note. Maximum discount for 6.10,6.11,6.12,6.13 i - 25%

Option 3


Applicable for above 150 kg of laundry volume on regular basis. Items are separated by types and level of contamination. After that optimal order fulfillment approach is chosen.

Volume Price terms
7 Above 150 kg 10 % discount from Option 2
8 Above 250 kg 15 % discount from Option 2

Our corporate clients are hotels and restraunts, kindergartens, fitness clubs, sport clubs and others. We are always open for cooperation.

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